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– It is perfectly clear to me why am I here – answered #Mac, longingly looking at the mix-console, that became impossible to be seen, due to a lot of dancers surrounding it. – I wouldn’t be able to know what’s the reason for your invitation, if not for anything else, than for the reason, that you haven’t invited me at all. Besides, who are you, anyway?

– Oh, of course, you think that #Bianca had invited you. I agree, she’s a lovely person, a real dolly. It makes her very angry, when someone’s watching her that way; she’s also extremely keen and able to comprehend what anyone might think of her. However, her power, even her will, are actually very limited. We are capable of manipulating will easily, Orson Welles was one of the best among us…

– Wait a minute pal, you started talking crap all the way round, and I let you know more than clearly, that you’re not welcome – #Mac interrupted him. Already, after a couple of mutually exchanged introductory sentences, his seriousness, unreasonable nervousness and evident intention to hit the new-comer, although he has always been avoiding any violence, and has been particularly enthusiastic about socializing with all different sorts of people and taking a part in all kinds of conversations, certainly did astound @TorbacJr. But, his astonishment lasted just for a while, because #Mac unexpectedly again, began to laugh heartily and with a jokingly rebuking tone, he addressed the young man:

– You should have felt offended and gone away, before I became interested in you.

Well now, this move was in a complete accordance with his character, and even a continuation of this turnover didn’t cause any surprise, because instead of engaging into some, at one point almost certain and frantic brawl, he came up to the next table, and kindly asked to borrow a chair, in order to offer it to the unknown to sit on. Only a very piercing eye could have noticed by looking at young man’s handsome, but somehow rigid face with a smile on it as well, that his inbred and well-trained steel aura has yielded for a while.

– My name is Nikola Tesla. – he said while taking a seat. God might have known what made him to introduce himself that way, and why at that very moment, he began to scan every single #Mac’s move or expression of his face. Bearing in mind that he is being carefully studied either, he’s been unsuccessfully hoping that his chief conversation companion would not perceive his perplexity, caused by a total absence of astonishment, after he confidently introduced himself.

– Well, Nikola, what do you have to tell us? – asked #Mac.

– I can see you don’t believe, that my name is Nikola Tesla. Rightfully so, although it wouldn’t be impossible. – the young man started to explain. – Actually, my name is…

– A Boy. Your name is a Boy. At least I will name you that way, because I won’t believe you anyway, no matter how you would introduce yourself. And it suits you well. – said #Mac, crossing the young boy’s nerves. There was no doubt, that the last thing the young man wanted to experience, especially being so self-confident and dangerous, was for someone to name him a Boy.

– And why, at all, did you say it was your name? – #TorbacJr got into conversation without intention to disturb it, but as we said before, he was so a curious character.

– I don’t want to offend you, Mister, but I would like to talk about it only with @RoughMac. For that reason I’m inviting you to a decadent party, the one you really like, during which you can indulge yourself in massage and “scratching”, while the two of us managed to exchanged couple of, or even a couple of hundreds of sentences.

An expression of disbelief and suspicion at the same time was visible on #TorbacJr’s face, after he realized that the unknown man knows quite well what his favorite activities were. Therefore he began to suspect that #Mac and the unknown guy met each other somewhere before, and decided to play a trick on him. On the other hand his wish to attend that great party was so unshaken, that an idea of not going hasn’t been crossing his mind at all. But, he wouldn’t be a Genius (a lot of people considered him being exactly that) but an utter fool, if he wouldn’t have been able to predict what kind of answer would have been given by @RoughMac, especially after all these years of mutual sharing of good and evil:

– Of all the parties taking place around the world at this very moment, the only one for me is exactly this one.

A Boy (from now on we’re going to dub him that way) readily continues:

– I never wonder why everyone likes #Bianca. But @RoughMac is much more than everyone. I am very surprised by your obsession with just one woman.

– You obviously know something about me, what even I personally don’t. Here, for example, what’s the difference between me and an ordinary man? The truth is that I’ve always been a little bit different, and during my young age it made me feeling pretty comfortable. But, really I don’t think that I’m anything special. If you hadn’t shown so good knowing of details about me, even about my friends, I would have believed that you had mistaken me with somebody.

– You see how quickly your Zodiac sign of Aquarius managed to overwhelm your Zodiac sub-sign of Taurus. Frankly, haven’t you almost forgotten the company behind the mix-console? You’re always asserting that you‘re not a curious guy, and that only love and passion constitute the main scope of your life interests. Then, why didn’t you persist and tell me to go away?

As same as he was interested in vast variety of things, @TorbacJr was once interested in mysticism and occultism, black and white magic. But in comparison to other guitar-players, it didn’t end with the Crossroads, Robert Johnson and alike. Besides, he wasn’t only, even not primarily the guitar-player, but an academic sculptor, composer, entrepreneur, even an ordinary master and builder, and the irrefutable proves for all previously mentioned were his acquaintances and companionships with the heart of the so called and real Serbian Masonry – Milic of Macva, Dragan Martinovic and somebody elses you’ve never heard of, and you shouldn’t have heard of. Now all those experiences guarded his conscience, while the story dealing with his emotions was completely different – totally pasty-faced (bearing resemblance to pretty vampires from teenage series), he had been shaking as if he had felt cold. Nothing was clear to him. Neither was it to #Mac, but it didn’t bother him at all.

The central question of @TorbacJr’s life was so usual why, while @RoughMac was only interested in how. Whenever someone would have self-confidently told him, following a common sense logic: ”There is no way to solve some problem if you are not acquainted with its cause”, #Mac would have laconically answered by asking a counter-question: ”Are you sure?” Because he, as one woman has always been assuring him, and that woman was one of the three most important women in his life, but she wasn’t his daughter or mother, had an access to Knowledge. In order to know something, it wasn’t necessary neither to see it nor to learn it. Completely in accordance with quantum logic, whose mannequin he was, @RoughMac was aware, that it’s all about Myth, but the True One. Therefore all these seemingly odd events represented to #TorbacJr an intellectual, emotional and spiritual challenge, while at the same time to #Mac it was just a game.

– Well, let’s go! – unexpectedly said this modern Don Quixote, citing an answer given by Arsen Dedic, when Ines came up, after she nicely trapped him in front of the hotel he stayed at, loudly uttering: ”I came to take you with me.”

Stepping slowly towards exit they have just passed #Bianca. #Mac shakingly waved his hand in her direction, and she waved back but only for the sake of showing her politeness. Anyway, it was another opportunity to enjoy in her wonderful smile, seemingly not just for the first, but for the last time as well.

Party was the spitting image of events depicted on the paintings of Terry Rodgers. They’ve all been serious and self-indulgent, so that they make you wonder, how did all these attractive, but lifeless bodies manage to find themselves in this weird place. Of course they’ve been only pretending being careless, because it was crystal clear that if they hadn’t been taking care for the opinion of other people, they wouldn’t have been involving themselves in all this mess – they would have been alone with themselves, but not alone within the crowd. However, they’ve been exercising their roles for years and finally managed to get into it so deeply, that their pretending gradually turned into reality.

– Would you like to help yourself now or later?- – asked a young boy, pointing in direction of the half-clad (if you’re pessimist) or half-naked (if you’re optimist) girls.

– Well, Boy, if you’re that much acquainted with every single subject in this world, well in that case, I would advise you to do something with regard to your conversation manner. Those sentences deriving from second-class movies are pretty tasteless. – answered #Mac.

– If you’re in love, #Mackey, there is someone whose maybe not. – confusedly giggled #TorbacJr. The roles have been exchanged in comparison to the club they have come from: this time he behaved improperly, and this time he felt shame.

– Come on, Boy, guide me! – nervously said @RoughMac, and soon after that, the unknown man and he found themselves secluded in one of the rooms, leaving #TorbacJr in his “domestic surrounding”.

A room they have entered in was actually a cabinet, and Boy kindly told #Mac to take a seat where he wanted. He deliberately placed himself on a chair standing next to desk, giving young man an opportunity to sit on a sofa, or on an arm-chair, what of course young man didn’t like at all. And while #Mac has been recklessly and slowly swinging in chief’s chair, the unknown man has already begun to bend his brawny back and stiff head. And the conclusion is – if so cheap trick disturbed Boy’s swaggering self-confidence, than it became crystal clear what has already been evident…pardon me, it became evident what has already been crystal clear… (something like that) – that those who sent him, overrated young man, and underrated our hero.

Suddenly beginning to lose control, Boy stopped with his “positioning” and did what according to words of Alain Delon did journalists (“They enter your apartment and immediately they put their hands into your toilet-bowl”):

– Tell me #Mac, how’s it that you know the last Tesla’s words he uttered, just before he passed away?

– My answer is simple: I’ve no idea about it.

– And your Status?

– Which status?

– On Facebook…”Beautiful In Vain”.

It is not only that #Mac didn’t know those were Tesla’s last words, but he was also completely sure, that those words were actually not his last. Unlike majority of them, prone to believe in various mystic, confidential and conspirational acts, an official versions have always seemed the most convincing to him. Bearing in mind that Tesla died on his own, in a hotel-room, his last words don’t even exist, unless he had talked to himself. But something like that was for #Mac almost out of question. He was convinced that the mental capacities of a great scientist, even in a situation when his soul prepared itself to reposing, were preserved.

– On the other hand, I’m asking myself, how’s it that you know, whoever you are, what were Tesla’s last words – #Mac continues with a game.

– You don’t understand the point: we’re the only ones to know it.

– Well, you said a moment before that I knew it either.

And you are one of us, aren’t you? That’s what you wanted to let us know by your Facebook Status?

– If I had belonged to some sort of you, it should have been known to both of us, what consequently means, that it wouldn’t have been necessary to ask for your attention, and especially not through my Facebook Profile. However, it is completely opposite: I am not yours or anybody elses, and you, let me say so, lost me somehow in your register-book.

– And do you know, if you, without our permission did manage to find out something what should be known only to us, you will be in a pretty dangerous situation.

– Well I don’t know that, but what I know, is that you are already in a dangerous situation!

– I was joking, believe me… It won’t happen again! – held back the Boy. – You convinced me that you’re belonging to the Circle.

– Do I? And what is my interest in belonging to it?

– You already know for a suitcase?

Having no idea what the young man is talking about, #Mac answered vaguely, using a sentence by which he used to describe himself very often:

– I don’t know what everybody else do, but I do know what anybody else don’t.

The Boy took out of his wallet one-dollar bank note, and showing its reverse side to @RoughMac asked:

– What do you see here at the moment you take a first look at it?

– The Circle, of course – self-confidently answered #Mac, managing very quickly to continue the conversation based upon topic just previously brought up by the unknown man. The truth be told, he never paid attention to the circle framing the controversial figures on the bank note, considering it just as an ordinary framework.

– Certainly. A Pyramid and every single stone on it, All-Seeing Eye, inscriptions, are being studied for decades, but nobody understand that all those powerful symbols are placed within the Circle, and that Circle is impenetrable. Any symbol can get out of it. That Circle are We – You, Me and all other Students.

– Are you trying to say that Freemasons and Illuminati, not even knowing it, building their Pyramid, their New World Order for you?

– Don’t lecture me now, when we finally play with our cards open. It is obvious that Social Pyramid is so imperfect and outdated, especially in comparison to the Social Circle. Pyramid is made of basis, unlimited range of dots representing replaceable individuals, and all dots strive towards one and only dot – the Top of the Pyramid, Almighty, Ruler. Within the Circle, on the contrary, all dots bearing the equal value and importance, the Circle begins and ends with every single of them. You, me, Obama, Putin… we’re all dots of the equal value, the Christ is residing in all of us, and we reside in him (if you are believer, what I didn’t succeed to figure out, but I am free to say that I am not).

– Then, Masons are not Free Masons, but they are your Slavery, and they don’t even anticipate it. Hahaha, don’t you think you underrated them a little bit?

– All of that You know well, especially You! Nobody can get out of the Circle. Not even when someone dies, because then starts the new circle. And the Universe is just a big Circle. The Present one, the Past one and the Future one.

– So the Circle is the only one perfect thing in the whole Universe?

– The only one.

– And what about the Sphere? Isn’t it more perfect than the Circle? If you allow me, the Universe is not a circle, but the Sphere, moreover it is a little bit “contorted, twisted, out of shape”, hahaha. The Circle is made of myriad of dots, but the Sphere is made of myriads of circles. Well then, Boy, are you sure if that Circle of yours is the only one?

Suddenly after this objection the young man succeeded to regain his composure, and to run away from a long-lasting euphoria. It seemed to him as if the whole world had collapsed, unexpectedly having realized, that #Mac belonged to something much more important and prominent, than his organization was.

– Well, don’t be so distressed now. I want you to tell me, does that Circle of yours have some significance and role within society?

– Now you’re mocking me, asking me questions as if I was a student.

– Wait a minute, haven’t you said that all of us were students?

– OK, our civilization, not exactly straight gear lined, had always been heading towards the West. During the period of Japan’s expansion, it was already clear that the USA hadn’t been able to put newly-arisen power under its control, but the Americans had been taking comfort from the theory, which claimed that the Pacific Ocean, instead of the Atlantic, had become the centre of the World. Nowadays everybody seems so enthusiastic about China and India, but a few of them are able to realize…

– …that the Armageddon Battle for Africa had already begun, moreover everything started there. I  presume that is your theory? – #Mac interrupted him with a question.

– Exactly.

– You haven’t noticed there was a certain issue of significantly small importance that put into question a perfection of the Circle, and your enthusiasm for the equality of all dots. In this case is perfectly well known which is the first and the initial dot – Africa. It is as same as if somebody had been drawing the Circle with a bare hand. At first sight, the Circle is almost perfect, but when you put it under microscope every single detail became so clear, and you are capable of following direction of the pencil in terms of knowing where it actually started and where it, at the same time, ended. It is not the Circle, the Product of the Universe, but the Circle drawn by Leonardo’s hand.

– Oh, not again Da Vinci, I beg you! It became unbearable.

– It is not quite clear to me how do you manage to do that, but I suppose within that Circle of yours, you did succeed to put into prison Priory of Sion, not even to mention Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, Umberto Eco, Dan Brown

– OK. That’s enough, this is the end of the game and the conversation. Now it’s all clear – The Boy concluded.

Then he got up, opened the door of the room that, as much as #Mac was able to see, looked like a combination of closet and mini-gym, and he came up carrying a big @Samsonite suitcase.

– My mission is ending here. I should have determined your identity, and believe me I am specialized in it, and I should have also delivered this suitcase to you.

– And what’s in the suitcase?

– I don’t know and I shouldn’t know.

– Well, then open it.

– I am not authorized to do that. Anyway, I don’t know the code which is necessary, if you want to open it. I will leave the room now, and you on your own will take a look and find out what’s the content of it. In a couple of minutes you’ll get an SMS message which contains the code for opening the suitcase. As soon as you call me, I’ll be back.

The young man left the cabinet very quickly, leaving #Mac perplexed and with a little time not only to realize what he heard, but making him unable to react properly as well. And really, soon after #Mac got the message with a certain number.

Even though anything could be in that bag – drugs, bombs, virus… – #Mac, very often not wise enough, rash and unwary, immediately began to set the dial on its lock by reading the certain numbers displayed on the phone-screen. Having finished, he slowly put his phone in the pocket of his suit, and got himself ready to opening the bag. But instead, as he apprehended, of becoming aware of the bag’s content, he felt a hard blow on his head what ultimately led to losing his conscience, and after it nothing else, but a pitch dark set in.

After he was back to his conscience, he wasn’t able to realize where he found himself, or what had happened to him. Then he started vomiting all over the carpet, and finally he managed to begin to pick up the pieces of all the previous events. As soon as he regained his strength, he came into lounge, where he saw @TorbacJr playing guitar accompanied by a couple of remaining visitors.

– Let’s go at once! – exclaimed #Mac watching his cheerful, but sleepy pal.

– I wanted people to hear me playing some of our shitty songs…– @TorbacJr began to explain, feeling ashamed, as always, of his brilliant songs, for the reasons so intricate and difficult to explain, that this time around I’m simply not in the mood to elaborate on that topic.

– Drive to Bogatic! – #Mac said, after he sat in the car on the front passenger seat, making @TorbacJr confused and astounded by the fact that he wants him to be a driver.

– Aren’t we going to sleep at your apartment in Vracar? – asked @TorbacJr.

– No, we’re not, just drive. I’ll recount everything to you.

While #Mac’s Alfa Romeo, at not so crazy speed, as it is the case when he’s in the position to drive, got along the highway, he slowly and somehow perplexedly, began to recount what he had experienced. @TorbacJr, who otherwise was very cautious and keen driver, not being capable of believing in what he heard, used to slow the car, from time to time, all the way back.

Sometime later, @TorbacJr, being under pressure and feeling tension, was at the same time completely exhausted by amount and oddity of the events, they’ve passed through last night, that he wasn’t capable of thinking and feeling properly. On the other hand, #Mac has been regenerating so quickly and in a so peculiar way, that he began to talk about #Bianca again, analyzing her in details, since the moment he put his eye on her for the first time.

– Fuck me if you’re normal! – @TorbacJr managed to find enough strength to utter this.

Tension he felt didn’t represent an obstacle to respect certain ritual #Mac and he used to stick to, every time they would experience some of their hundreds of sleepless nights, and that single ritual consisted of having regular, tasteful and healthy breakfast. Although, at time he found himself sleeping by the table, maybe even with a morsel of food in his mouth, and seeing it #Mac felt so sorry for him, and finally decided to drive him home.

On his way back, he realized it was around half past nine a.m. Suddenly his mobile phone began to ring, what made him remembering, he forgot to put so called “secret card’ in the phone, he used to put in usually, in order to avoid boring and intrusive clients during the weekend. He wasn’t familiar with the number he saw, and he asked himself who the fuck does need a lawyer on Sunday morning. Anyway, he decided to answer and consequently heard:

– Listen, #Mac, keep the bag, ’cause it was already decided to be given to you. But, you have to give us back our man!


  1. My dear ‘Mac’….you’re driving me mad….but I love you….Honest I do ….

    Wow, what a mind…would love to crawl around in your circle…with a magnifying glass ! Complicated, educated, intriguing, fascinating bit of writing, sir. Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing…What a painting….missed those parties altogether…guess I took a road less traveled. 😉

    • Thank you for the great compliments honey :)

      • ♥You’ll always get compliments from me, Sugar…anytime you need a :-) or two :-)) , call om me… ya’..’Honest I Do’ ♥


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