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(I Can Get) Satisfaction

He has been sitting on a sofa, not so comfortably snuggled, but with his back in an upright position, trying firmly to press his body against the chair-back, while at the same time sticking his head up and pushing it back again, in order to more easily stand the pressure of her body, hung around his neck in all its weight. At first sight paradoxically, he’s been trying to stop her body from pressing into his, and with the same effort he’s been trying to press his body into hers. Her head was leaned on his left shoulder, while her face was deeply pressed into the left side of his neck, caressing it with a breath like a gentle, hot desert breeze. Having entirely embraced his neck, she’s been squeezing him so tightly that in any different occasion with an exception of the erotic act, his backbones would begin to crack. This way, he didn’t even try to deliver himself from her python squeeze, which was by any miracle, but by the act of God allowed and instigated passion, created by her fragile arms, but he on his own was constantly trying, by using his neck, to push her arms back, so that by forces of action and reaction, the pressure has been enhancing  and reducing respectively.

Than he slowly took her by the hand-ankles and put them down of his neck, raising them completely upright, what she, like in some for a long time exercised choreography, suddenly allowed, so that their naked bodies became even more firmly squeezed together. He felt pleasure while her gentle breasts began to penetrate, with such an ease, into his pretty muscled and brawny chest. Her nipples, he felt under his lips just a moment before like small pieces of some aromatic gum, were now sturdy like a hazelnuts, stinging into his flesh.

Not without resistance, he started to push her body back, in order to watch her hot, trembling thighs, so firmly pressed against his hips, and a body of a beauty in her futile attempt to spring back and free herself from his lap, because every time she would try to do so, he would instantly get her body back down, with a short, but forcible pulling of her arms. Than a painful grimace would be visible on her face, but obviously it was the pain she wasn’t aware of, or to a certain extent it even did her pleasure, since her lips would immediately turn into a blissful smile. Her eyes with beautiful, long and nicely bent eyelashes, were fairly closed, while her passion-struck, ruddy face was covered by the dense curls of her sweaty, brown hair.

#Mac put his head deeply into her breasts and embraced her naked back, while caressing it with an inner side of his arms, upon which his skin didn’t experience any change during the course of life, what consequently meant that it was as supple as the baby’s skin. Than he raised his left arm, straightly along her spine, and bending slowly, he put her on the floor in a single arm move.

– Oh, fuck, how stroooooong you are… – she managed to speak out, just that and in that way, because all of a sudden #Mac changed his rhythm, and instead of a previous hypnotic and slow, mutual body bending, in a cobra style while following a street piper, he began to hammer her with so powerful swings, as if he was swimming in a dolphin style. He turned his head opposite to hers, kissing her left shoulder and watching the sky through the open terrace door.

It was thundering and blasting as if the Doomsday came in, and it was bucketraining as if the Great Flood was to come.

Swirling curtains were topping the ceiling, pieces of furniture, waving outside over the window-pane and almost touched the terrace-fence – every single moment creating an image of them being torn off and flown far away into the never-ending space, to which, it seemed that way, only the dark-gray sky could have been spread. Carried away by wind, large raindrops were filling in the room, sprinkling over #Mac’s red-hot backs and the young girl’s squeezed hands, with her finger-tips deeply stuck below his lover’s shoulder blades. While touching their flaming bodies, the rain was creating small clouds of  vapor, and as they were gradually getting warmer and sweatier, the time was passing by, the pace was getting faster, the breath was getting deeper, and the damp was slowly getting more and more sticky and uncomfortable, the two of them have found themselves being enshrouded by some mystical, unearthly haze. Dark, leaden sky, half-lighted room, and their bodies blazing with intensifying colors, illuminated by light generated on their own, creating a sort of strange film, video-image of an epoch in which only the main heroes were ablazed with color, while all the rest remaining black and white. Their purple bodies reflected in the mirror of the rain-drops and vapor generated purple rain and purple haze, reconciling that way the different times at which the two of them were born.

Not knowing what else to do, the girl raised her completely upright-positioned legs. #Mac rotated upper part of his body while watching them carefully: even nowadays, if it was necessary, he would swear that they were reaching the ceiling itself. Beautiful, long, thin legs, so straight forward, it was not possible to realize which one was left, and which one was right, as used to be saying #Mac’s old buddy and drummer Bule.

The moment young beauty put her hands around his neck again, @RoughMac in accordance with this nickname, and as a genuine descendant of his grandfather Milan Mića Marshall, who was so versatile and brilliant rake, and from whom he inherited a name, each of his nicknames and a lot of personal traits, and who liked to do the same, put his hand below the knee of his lover, fling her promptly upon his chest and start to carry her across the room. While she was swinging and jigging in his embrace, she finally stopped her silent moaning, being amplified in its volume during the moments of the greatest sexual pleasure, and started to cry so loudly, that the intonation of her screams was perfectly coordinated with thunder, but of course, the tonality of it was much higher-pitched.

In the very same position, he put her firmly against the wall, and began to accelerate his motion even more. Undoubtedly, it was her favorite pose, so #Mac presumed that it exactly was the way she wanted their loving game to be finished. Her last and his the only one that day climax occurred simultaneously. The Universe was in harmony with them. At the moment of her last sigh and #Mac’s last facial cramp, the rain, the thunder and the wind simply stopped. It was hard to know what was more unreal – that what just happened, or the fact that neither of them were astounded at all. Just, with a smile on their faces, they looked each other straight in the eyes.

Moving backwards, #Mac deliberately fell with his back on the French bed, while she lay over him. Both of them lying in cozy beds – he in the real one, and she on his big body – began to take rest and slow down their breathing. Kissing gently her hair, eyes, cheeks and neck, #Mac spontaneously took her uvula and put it within his mouth, what made her shivering and excited, so she asked:

– Are we going to do it again?

Having heard her words, @RoughMac felt pretty scared. This fragile woman, as #Mac’s erotic bliss intensified, making him, so to say, desirably brutal, but also addicted to sudden slowdowns and tenderness, was so recklessly thrown away in almost all imaginable directions, like “a forlorn wisp”, but now showed such a liveliness, that she was even ready to continuation. Our hero lamented over his youth passing by and losing of his sexual desire, the desire that once used to be so dangerous to his love partners, especially during the summer time, not even giving them time to put sun-cream on, wherein the beauty started to smile so cutely and childishly, revealing that she was only joking.

– Only now I am capable to see that, up to this, I didn’t even know what sex was – she said.

– Oh no. Your young age and recent impressions speaking instead of you.

– You engraved yourself into me forever.

@RoughMac used to hear similar sentence countless times before. A lot of the girls have been convincing him, that he was unique and unequalled, that without him they were not feeling happiness, but with the time passing, all those impressions have been gradually fading away, so in the very end, the girls have been capable of persuading themselves that he actually wasn’t nothing special, and all that, just for the sake of running away from his huge and frightening shadow. Later on, after it was much later in comparison to too late, some of them would have been realizing that, in spite of all, he was the man of their life.

Of course, it used to be happening to a few women, whom he allowed to enter into his life and change it, what this time around wasn’t the case.

– Yes, Marija, we have experienced something really beautiful.

Marija didn’t care about the meaning of this sentence, perhaps she didn’t even hear it properly. Great young model, successful all over the world, with her career heading towards top, engaged in various, accompanying businesses, and on top of it all, already rather rich, she was indeed aware that there wasn’t a man who wouldn’t be wishing to posses her (“At least twice”, as Muraro would say).

On the other hand, although all this for #Mac wasn’t just a sexual, but a superb spiritual experience as well, there was any chance of this might have something with falling in love, let alone love itself. We know quite well that he was desperately longing for #Bianca. So why was all this necessary to him? Oh, come on men, are you kidding me? Just for sheer pleasure. As if you hadn’t been reading nothing before! Though it means that he is not faithful, is he? How could I know it? ”I don’t even know how to use a tin-opener” (a character from Woody Allen’s movie)!

The hero of our story made a clear difference between sex, as an act of passion and carnal pleasure, and infatuation, when testosterone would be even decreasing, making us almost sexually impotent and always willing to experience long walks, holding of hands and short dalliance at twilight. Love, quite opposite, was an entire intellectual, emotional and sensual attachment, a sort of natural ambient to create posterity, where every single thing would be functioning as it was needed (of course, as long as the love is lasting). You are aware that a medical science had already established that fact a long time ago. You met a lot of people, maybe it is even you on your own, who have experienced every single one, amongst all of these sophisticated and complex relations. But, do you know anyone, except for #Mac, who had no problem to realize what kind of relation, mentioned before, was happening to him right now?

Everything what actually happened was the fact, that #Mac succeeded in opening Marija, and to, for her in some completely new way, stimulate (jokingly and poetically speaking, make happy) her G spot. Thereby he approved to himself, that even love-struck and persecuted by maniacs, quite contrary to famous @RollingStones’ song, he can get Satisfaction. He achieved to create an extraordinary and unforgettable sound within Marija’s soul, using an open G tuning, by whose discovering, in the times of yore, Ry Cooder would cheer up and change Keith Richards, and she in turn, give him a shelter.

What later happened to them? Speaking in a modern and superficial way, ”they remained friends”. However in real life, it was much less than a friendship – some call, quick coffee-drinking, poke, reply and mention on a social network… I like to think that they decided to forever keep each other within their hearts. One thing is for sure – they have never made love again.


As soon as a telephone rang in Marija’s apartment, and she quickly jumped to answer it, #Mac adoringly watched her more than perfectly looking body-figure, as if it was carved in the air, moving sideways, yet she was swiftly getting out of his sight.

– It is for you – she addressed her lover. – Some girl named #Bianca.

#Mac was instantly astonished. It was crystal clear what was the reason his love didn’t try to reach him through his mobile phone. First of all, it was turned off. Then, there was a little bit more serious reason: she didn’t know his phone number. Finally, according to #Mac’s conviction, she simply lacked both the reason and the motif to even remember him, let alone to approach him.

But, how she found out Marija’s phone number, which to a greater surprise, he on his own did not know? And how the hell she got an idea that he was there? But again, thanks God, why was she even interested to find out where and with whom @RoughMac spent his time?

Marija was so polite and asked him nothing about it, not even who was that unknown woman, who was disturbing her in her own apartment, and under such circumstances.

– Yes – #Mac uttered in a pretty shaky voice.

– “Who doesn’t die, that one is to be met again” – The Zero unexpectedly answered.

– What are you doing over there? And again you! I want to talk to #Bianca.

– She is angry; she doesn’t want to talk to you.

– Then why did she call me?

– Let us meet each other and discuss everything in a peaceful manner.

– Now? No way.

– I didn’t say: now. What time is appropriate to you?

– I don’t know… Tonight.

– For instance, let’s pick you up at eight o’clock in front of your apartment?

– That’ll be OK.

– So, we made a deal. By the way, I’m pretty impressed by what I saw.

– Fuck you! – #Mac helplessly yelled, but the connection was interrupted.


Perfectly punctual only when @Bianca was in question, exactly at eight o’clock @RoughMac came out in front of his apartment-building, and started moving towards the big, black limousine that just arrived. A driver opened the back left door to him, so he was forced to move around the car, what of course seemed pretty senseless to him.

– I’m always sitting in a diagonal position to a driver – The Zero said, while #Mac was getting in. Everything takes its own place.

– Yes – #Mac accepted. – Everything has its own name; in your case, it is obsessive-compulsive disorder. Where is #Bianca?

– Well, who’s talking about obsessiveness. She’ll join us later. I hope you didn’t have your dinner.

– The dinner is not recommendable after seven o’clock in the evening. For that reason I have my dinner after ten o’clock in the evening.

– Great. I pay, you choose– a restaurant, food and drink.


Having ordered, according to #Mac’s choice (the way it was already agreed, and in accordance with the unwritten rule at least in his company, about which, as same as about everything else, The Zero probably knew), a bottle of Chablis and turkey with pasta tatters in gorgonzola sauce, The Zero started an open and serious conversation. While they were driving towards the city centre, @RoughMac deliberately avoided asking any questions, but for the only one reason, he actually didn’t know wherefrom to start.  The Circle obviously showed any sign of intention to leave him alone, questions and enigmas multiplied by geometrical progression, and finally, no matter how much he tried to avoid to admit that to himself, #Mac has been becoming more and more curious. Being middle-aged, he has been really trying to live an ordinary life as much as it was possible, especially being fed up by numerous excitements which, since of his early childhood, have been constantly, like predators, swooping down unto him, but in spite of all that, the ones who claimed that he would never be able to run away from his adventurous nature were very much right.

– What do you think, the Doomsday, is it going to happen? – The Zero asked.

– There were a lot of Doomsdays announced. You mean that one on the December 21 2012?

– Yes.

– No, it won’t.

– Well, you see, we share a slightly different opinion. Anyway, we don’t want any surprises. Moreover, we are going to be that much ready, that the surprise on its own is going to be surprised.

– There are more than three and a half years until then. At the same time (I’m telling this based upon my short, but already considerable experience with you), you are not going to draw back from causing any possible casualties, especially the ones not belonging to your isolated circle.

– We are preparing for that almost seventy years.

– Oh, what a madness! Why exactly since then?

– Since our inception we are taking everything, just everything, very seriously.

– Why are you revealing to me the secrets of your society? I didn’t show wish to find out the time of your foundation, or anything else what could bring me into jeopardy.

– Just opposite, The Circle is taking care in order to protect you from any possible danger. I’ll explain that to you later.

– Why not now?

– So, World War II seemed as if Judgment Day had come earlier. Everything was more than evident: inconceivable horrors and unthinkable casualties, Antichrist in various shapes, disrespect of anything humane. The sky, the earth and the sea have been scorching with the terrible flames. Out of sheer experiment millions of innocent people have been murdered (as same in Auschwitz as in gulags, Hiroshima and Nagasaki)… It was high time to do something. Opposite to Nazi concept of Final Solution, we did succeed in conceiving our own. And that is Immortality. Our Final Solution was Infinity. And that is the huge difference between our Circle and other societies – all of them want to rule over the world, but we want to rule over the laws of the Universe.

– Is it known who conceived and founded the Circle?

– That’s a good question. Believe or not, neither do I don’t know it. A lot of people consider that behind all of that is some ingenious mind. I will try to explain my attitude in a way understandable to you. It is widely known that Chuck Berry has been dubbed ”The Father of Rock’n’Roll”. But we all know quite well that he didn’t invent it. Simply said, the time has come when a lot of people should start to think and behave in a same way, on the basis of their innumerable similar experiences and circumstances under which they have found themselves. An aspiration towards immortality is in the very essence of the human nature, but it is not a kind of wisdom to be said that it’s intensifying as soon as the death become closer and more certain. In the times of dreadful war I already mentioned, it was not an ordinary soldier who was able to ponder on eternal life; haunted by an instinct to survive, he was primarily obsessed by avoiding death only in dangerous moments. If he would succeed in it, then after a fear, a euphoria would be following, a superb satisfaction for having been still alive. On the other hand, the believers have been certainly expecting an eternal life whether in heaven or in some different incarnation, depending on what their belief has been promising them. About the real, tangible, scientifically founded Eternal Life could have been thinking only those among the people who found themselves far away from the front lines, but deeply involved into war – military experts and strategists in their cabinets, who have been drawing the maps and territories over which they would be ruling, once they managed to defeat an enemy. The Americans only cared how to fuck up the Russians, and these how to do the same to them, the Englishmen and Frenchmen were bothered how to gain as much advantage as possible, small nations were concerned how to get tiny crumbs left over on the big nations’ table, and those being on the wrong side had only wish to survive. Irrespective of all them, we can freely say that a small sort of chosen, special circle of certain individuals have been in the process of founding, and that special team felt not only national and state boundaries being strait and narrow, including the whole planet earth, but they also wanted to step out and cross every possible, at that time known and seemingly inalterable physical constraints. A Messiah of that new belief was Nikola Tesla.

– I can’t believe Tesla would have given his consent to that. He had a lot of ambitions, which someone would superficially dub megalomaniac, I even consider him a braggart and illusionist, but I can’t really imagine that he could be a part of any team.

– You are completely right; the people who started conversations with Tesla were extremely surprised by his rejection to accept not only affiliation and limitations of the organization, but they were also surprised that he was indifferent towards any reward, even if it was fabulous. I didn’t even say that he had seen himself taking the role of the Messiah; it had been assigned to him. His consent hadn’t been necessary.

– What was the first grand erratic assessment of The Circle?

– As if you had been there and then. We were witnesses to immediate emergence of individuals who gave support to imposed solutions, if not to say – use of force.

J. Edgar Hoover?

– He wasn’t addressed by anyone. He was too much stupid.

– HaHaHa, that’s what I think either, but it’s the first time I hear that someone else claims the same. A dangerous man, a manipulator – yes, but stupid… I thought I was the only one to share such an opinion. Some people would have dubbed it naivety, maybe idealism, or even utopia, but I am convinced that only a stupid man could wish to be dangerous and to manipulate. Besides, only stupid people have been inflicted so big damage to a great American Nation.

– He probably thought that he could drag into manipulation the devil as well, maybe even the God.

– I am convinced that, even nowadays, there are a lot of half-literate potentates who think they are capable of trading not only with the Prince of Darkness, but with the All-Mighty as well.

– You would be surprised by the number of them. So, not Hoover, not the FBI at all, neither the CIA (besides, back then it was far from existence). As much as I know, a huge number of various people have been sneaking around there, not just politicians and soldiers. Hollywood showed a great interest; I can’t believe that there was a place in which the Immortality could have achieved wider popularity. Orson Welles, for instance, was pretty keen on it. He had experiences with secret societies – there is a general opinion, although I claim only that what is personally known to me, that Jean Cocteau introduced him to ideas of Priory of Sion, but Orson didn’t care for those quasi-historical bullshit. I’m not talking about Priory, which of course, does exist, what I’m talking about are its doctrines, rituals and everything occult in general. He was only interested and at the same time scared by the Voodoo, originating from Africa, a continent extremely significant to us…

– Wait a minute; I’m interested how Tesla reacted to force. Didn’t you suffocate him with a pillow?

– No, neither we nor anyone else. He was indispensable, and for that reason untouchable. Wise people of ours have said it to our ruffians: ”Won’t you maybe kill him, in order to make him speak?”

The conversation was shortly interrupted, so that a waiter may serve the dessert: pancakes with apples and pine nuts in caramel sauce. @RoughMac asked himself if @BiancaMistake had tasted it, and if she hadn’t, whether she would have liked it. Only at that moment he recalled what was the main motif of his arrival to the restaurant:

– Where is #Bianca? – he suddenly asked The Zero.

– She won’t even come – this one answered in a phlegmatic manner. – She didn’t talk to your lover; it was some completely different girl. We were in need of making you shocked and interested. But before you start to rage helplessly again, put yourself a question if this nice chit-chat along with delicious dinner and wine, caused any harm to you.

– Honestly speaking, no. Moreover, I am sorry I have to admit that I even felt quite pleasantly.

– Naturally. You are not a superficial guy; you are just trying, for the reasons known to you, to show yourself in such a light.

– That is exactly the topic I wanted to have a little chat about. First of all, isn’t it grotesque that you have been trying to force a dying man to disclose to you a secret of an eternal life?

– I’ll tell you something what might sound wittily. It is not to be excluded that Tesla died in order to get rid of all to death boring mortals, who have been annoying him for the whole of his life, and who at those moments were represented by The Circle itself. I can see how he, scattered all over the Universe, converted into The God Particles, entertaining himself with our almost supernatural efforts to find out something he was able to put under control of his knowledge with such an ease.

– Interesting. We’ll talk more about it. But I’m much more interested to realize, what kind of mutual relations do exist between Tesla, you and me?

– I’ll answer you without any hesitation. You did manage, while you still were a small child, to break down an American satellite using Tesla Death Ray.

– Taking into account that you are a hopeless lunatic, who is not resembling to a lunatic at all, I think that even small quantities of alcohol do you quite bad. After you regained your sobriety, I’ll ask you how did I make myself an owner of the Tesla’s secret weapon (even during my childhood!)? Not to talk about my knowledge how to make it operable.

– No. After you managed to regain your sobriety and realize that you have to do something in terms of your mortality, you will wish to tell me that on your own.

– And what kind of role did #Bianca have in all that?

– That is something we know nothing about. We only know that her importance is priceless for you. For that very reason at least for now, our scientists came to conclusion that supersymmetry existed between two of you, that you were, what sounds nice, superpartners. You are aware of that superpartnership, but as much as we can see, you find very difficult to convince her and to make her believe it. Consequently, it means that the old good Plato knew quite well what he was talking about, and what is even more important is the fact that you are playing games with the laws of physics in a way that we find very agreeable.

– But there’s one tiny problem: we lack The God Particles, and we can’t buy them in the supermarkets.

– You forgot about the Large Hadron Collider.

– It started to operate only last year, and it’s already out of order. Those scientists could be such naughty blunderers.

– Don’t worry. They’ll bring it into order quite quickly.

– Let it be as you say. But how could you make it useful for your cause?

– Simply. We will take control over it.

– You are going to carry out a terroristic attack on CERN?

– Exactly.


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