Status the Eleventh

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In reality, you’re just a dream. But, in my dreams, you’re real.

– What are you doing here? – #Mac asked thunderstruck.

– I want you to love me – a woman gave an answer.

– Wait a minute, you’re really not suffering from Aids?

– Don’t be so crude. I didn’t come here to screw with you, I came to stay.

– Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I belong to someone else.

– That’s the third thing I wanted to tell you: I am #Bianca. Don’t you recognize me?

Nothing was clear to our hero. With exception, of course, that this woman was not #Bianca.

– What kind of madness is that?

– Allegedly you love me, but you can see nothing more, except for my appearance. Isn’t your heart telling you that it’s me?

– I don’t want to be part of this stupid game anymore.

– There’s nothing you have to understand, just take me in your embrace.

A woman gently put her hands around #Mac’s neck and laid her head on his chest, cuddling up to him like a kitten.

– Alright, alright… – @RoughMac couldn’t resist. – I’m really interested to hear an explanation.

– I have assumed such an image after my arrival to New York, trying to find my place somewhere far away from everything. I knew my plans wouldn’t become true as soon as they got me informed that you were coming after me. I desperately wanted to finally be with you.

– I really don’t want to hurt you, but… Are you OK?

– Don’t worry, I’m not mad.

– You’re not? Let us than see what The Circle thought out this time around. Are you moving out of one body to another?

– Don’t try to convince me that it’s something unknown to you.

– Not at all. Within the @RoughMac’s body residing at the moment my dog Jack Daniels, and my old self was buried with my unforgettable pet-favorite.

– Instead of being ironic, try to remember an explanation created on your own about the reasons the Mayan civilization found itself lost and moribund.

– I have no explanation at all.

– Oh Yes.

Although he was aware that only the sheer curiosity was the reason for keeping him takes part in this preposterous conversation, this woman’s “oh yes”, pronounced in a manner well known to him, that cute manner, the manner that so unpleasantly reminded him of the girl he loved.

– And how did Christ manage to “ascend”? – a woman continued.

– I have no idea.

– And like, you don’t care?

– No.

– What do you know about reincarnation?

– Except for what it is usually meant, nothing.

– Well, what do you know anyway? – a woman asked, while smiling at the same time.

– Nothing.

At that moment an expression of her face showed excitement and astonishment. #Mac noticed that quite clearly, after she suddenly unleashed herself from his embrace.

– What is Nothing? – she asked.

– Opposite to Everything.

– And as same as Everything, isn’t it? – for no visible reason she became agitated.

– How do you mean that Nothing and Everything can be the same? – @RoughMac frankly expressed his amazement.

– You should explain that to me.

– There’s nothing about it what should be explained. All I know is nothing.

– That, that is what I’m interested in – as if she was falling into a trance. – What is it Nothing?

Beginning to slowly lose his patience, #Mac impudently answered back:

– It is that, what the famous painter Chosa (God rest his soul) has told me once, and I keep on repeating it very often: “I know nothing as a fuck”.

Finally realizing what #Mac wanted to say, whereby our hero didn’t have any notion what she was exactly thinking until then, a woman calmed down.

– I’m sad because you’re not even disclosing your secrets to me – she said.

– Unlike you, I hide nothing.

– What exactly do you mean?

– Well, I mean that little thing: Who the hell you are, woman?

– You already know everything about me, whether you do or not believe that I am #Bianca.

– Of course I don’t believe it, but I also don’t believe that you are a loon, and just now I realize nothing.

– But, if you don’t want us to expand our knowledge as quickly as possible, I’ll pretend it is necessary to start with my recounting. I don’t hail from the Earth, nobody from The Circle do. We came here who knows from where, and for at least to me unknown reasons, we remained on this planet. Maybe because we’re mortal, generally as same as humans are, but unlike us, there are certain exceptions existing on the Earth. Its number is not even so insignificant. However, the Secret of Immortality we didn’t discover yet. Considering that we give up never and nothing, we didn’t especially give up that goal. When you were born, The Circle realized it was close to the Secret, and after you have given us a sign, we knew that our searching was coming close to its end.

– I presume you’ve got any proof to corroborate that story?

– Do you know why did we mention Kosovo today?

– Just because of that what you stated as the reason.

– Don’t be ridiculous. That in what we were allegedly interested, was at our disposal already during the Tito’s reign. We just dropped you a hint about something you can easily comprehend.

– I didn’t see any hint about it.

– Considering your claims that you know nothing, there is a good chance you will say that you know nothing about Kosovo frescoes as well.

– Just about the frescoes I have no the slightest idea at all.

– You’ve never heard of Crucifixion from the monastery of Visoki Decani?

– Is it special by something?

– On the fresco painted in 1350, the spaceships were shown. See it for himself.

A woman approached a rather small desk, standing beside that part of the wall, just below the bedroom-window of the #Mac’s apartment, started the laptop from the sleep mode and kindly brought it close to this story hero’s bed. She began to surf through various internet pages, showing scenes from that previously mentioned fresco. And truly, in its upper corners the UFOs were clearly shown, which out of question weren’t in any correlation with Christian-Orthodox church laws, with regard to icon-painting.

It was almost impossible to astound @RoughMac, so it didn’t happen this time either. However, he was pretty confused. Especially because to his mind and spirit, an opportunity to talk to a woman from another planet was not some weird occurrence at all.

– And right now, are you going to open your heart to your @Bianca? – a woman asked in a coquettish manner.

– I already did it a long ago – #Mac answered.

– Then, give me a reference to outlines of knowledge at least.

– I already told you that I knew nothing.

– You know nothing, or you know Nothing?

– The meaning of that remark is not clear to me.

– Tell me, tell me… – a beauty has been persistently repeating, each time she would be capable to catch her breath, because she’s been already committed to kissing #Mac in a passionate and irresistible way.

– I’m sorry love, but I really don’t know – he hardly managed to utter a word. – It doesn’t have to last forever… This moment is quite enough…

A woman giggled so cutely as if she was a small girl.

– I can’t believe it. You will never really grow up. Did you really think I was #Bianca?

@RoughMac truly resembled to some suddenly awaken little boy.

– Actually I did – he sadly answered.

– You didn’t find it was odd that we were speaking in English all this time?

– Were we? – he mocked himself.

– You felt she was in your embrace, not a wild girl you have been so viciously fucking last night? More precisely, the one who has been fucking you until dawn?

– I don’t know. I didn’t even give #Bianca a hug yet.

– How did you imagine it would be looking like, the moment it came to it?

– As if any force would never tear us apart.

– So, was that the way it happened to us?

– Not even closely so. I’ve been only touched.

– Do the two of us resemble each other in any way?

– I’ll answer you this way: she is a breeze, and you are a storm.

– Man, do you know at all whom are you in love with?

While #Mac, feeling dejected and ashamed, has been sinking into a pillow, a woman as if possessing some weird power, managed to attract his view unto her hands. She stroked a ring, which slowly began to rotate around her ring-finger. There upon it, was an engraved a zero.

– How did you get The Zero’s ring? – @RoughMac startled.

– It belongs to me for years.

– That’s impossible. I saw The Zero was wearing it, just a few days ago.

– You didn’t understand it. This is my The Zero’s ring.

– How do you mean it?

– I am The Zero, as well.

– So, it means there are more of you.

– Exactly, but only five actually. Always that much.

– Why just five of you?

– Every single Zero rules one continent.

– And you are all equal?

– Exactly.

– And who is your leader?

– Within the Circle, nobody.

– But outside of the Circle, the world potentates. Some of them even more than the others?

– Quite opposite – we are their bosses. The greatest world powers making moves conceived by us, but at the same time, their leaders are not even aware of our existence. Simply said, the complex network that was being built by us for thousands of years, operating so that all our intentions, coming from countless sources, merging with the brains of political, economical, cultural and all different leaders, making them convinced that they are conducting their own will.

– If you did succeed to deceive me shortly before, it doesn’t mean you’ll manage to do it again. Your manipulations couldn’t have lasted for thousands of years, as you say. The Zero told me that The Circle had been founded during the World War II.

-The Blue Zero, to make it easier for you; I am the Red one. He didn’t lie to you, but that is just his opinion I don’t share.

– Don’t all of you share the same opinion?

– No way. The main source of our strength is actually our diversity. We are on our own within the circle, while all others build the pyramids of power. For that reason the Knights Templar had invented banking, and we created democracy, without which the money would have been circulating through the extremely limited social frameworks. Of course, we are inventors of the banking as well, because we had created and destroyed the Knights Templar too, but that’s pretty long and complicated story. The essence of that what I’m talking about is that the real power is deriving from the respect of the principles of the Universe, contradictory and mutually opposed, but they could be harmonized just because they don’t exclude one another. While others try to create the chaos in order to gain power by introducing the Order, we are obeying the Chaos, as same as an experienced swimmer escapes drowning by overcoming dangers of the whirlpool and finally emerging above the water because he firstly let himself being caught by its force.

– I’m pretty sure that the Chaos would find solution even without you.

– What’s your point?

– If it’s needed to yield to chaos, then what is your role in it? You teach people to yield themselves?

– Yes, that either, but we also eliminate any attempt to install an order.

– And what is your benefit of it?

– A finding of the universal principle by which everything operate on its own.

– The finding as a result of the scientific research?

– No, but the finding as the archeological discovery. Only we’re not digging out the earth, but the spirit. There’s already an answer within it.

– Ignoring the fact that you are regarding a hypothesis as being an axiom, I do notice that you’re operating as a well-regulated system. I wouldn’t consider it as yielding to chaos.

– Since every decision is being brought by consent, you never really know of what kind it is going to be. That’s our contribution to the Chaos.

– It’s clear to me that once brought decision, which judging by your quasi-logic could also be an act of lunacy, is destined to be put into effect.

– I would rather say that we had an obligation to conduct it.

– It affects somebody’s lives.

– It affects everybody’s life.

– Who gave you an authority to do that?

– We’re not asking for any authorization. We simply do what we want because we can.

– Is there anyone above you?

– Just the two things: interior and exterior of The Circle.

– And these are?

– Nothing and Everything. Everything is the Universe, and Nothing is what we search for. An achievement of the absolute nothingness is the precondition for delivering us from all our misconceptions gathered during the course of time.

– We would forget all our knowledge, as well.

– Knowledge is the biggest misconception.

– And what would be that Nothing of yours?

– The real question is who will become, or already is Nothing.

– Someone above all The Zeros?

– Exactly. Someone who will explode, and blow off circle into a myriad of tiny particles, eternally bound together.

– But, it already had happened, provided we accept the Theory of the Big Bang.

– Yes, but this time around instead of the Matter, the Being would have been scattered, and then it would have merged with the whole of the Universe, continuing its living within harmony and eternity.

– And how’s that so significantly different from nirvana?

– Attaining the state of nirvana was one of the key reasons, because of which our ancestors decided to remain on this planet.

– Wait a minute, I thought that your extraterrestrial background was a part of piss-taking joke as well.

– No, because I truly think, that The Circle is a product of the superior civilization, and not of the single ingenious man, even if it was Tesla himself.

– You think, but you don’t know?

– That’s it. Now that you mentioned nirvana, aren’t you Bodhisattva considering that you deliberately avoid achieving nirvana? You think that’s the way you can help mankind?

– I’m not that Nothing of yours, I’ve gone mad repeating it.

– And I am pretty convinced that you are that Whiteness, which comprise all of those five circles, separated by tectonic disturbances, which naturally like a devastated family, like forlorn lovers, strive to unite into one huge, glittering Circle.

– Into Pangaea, a supercontinent?

– Well, you see that you know.

– The true is I do know a little bit – #Mac smiled. – Now it’s clear to me that you will, if I ask you about it, usurp even the Olympic Circles and treat them as a part of your obscure society.

– We can’t usurp something what is actually our own creation.

– At this very moment, my mind was crossed by an idea to write a novel about all of this. In order to avoid bothering my readers with that future artwork, we should stop with this babbling. And what is actually mostly interesting to every potential reader? Sex, naturally.

– I said that I hadn’t come here to have sex with you.

– Well then, at least I had once an opportunity to sleep with The Zero herself.

– And I’ve been fucked by nobody else, than Nothing.

– And how was it?

– Nothing special.


During the next couple of days, The Red Zero and #Mac spent their time in New York enjoying themselves, seemingly imitating Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in the best of his films. They’ve been walking along the Upper East Side and Central Park, chatting and frequently stopping, fondly exchanging smiling glances. They’ve been doing “nothing special” wherever they would get an opportunity – on the backside of the limousine, in some hidden corner of the park, in the library, and even in the Gansevoort apartment again. She’s been talking to him that The Circle was planning to open a prestigious night-club within the Hotel’s compound, while he’s been wondering if there was anything in this world what might be beyond interest of their strange clique. Later on, upon visiting the Big Apple, he realized she hadn’t lied to him. By the end of the year, the typical New York’s snobbish Provocateur night-club has really begun to operate, and he’s been gladly spending his days there, even the more so because “somebody” has been mysteriously paying all his bills. He used to occupy secluded, expensive tables, where a single place for a just one evening was priced at two to ten thousand dollars, he’s been paying drinks for his acquaintances, especially his female acquaintances, buying them six-liter bottles of the Cristal champagne, priced at thirty thousand dollars per each bottle, what consequently meant that he hadn’t found it difficult to impress and took advantage of the young, terrifyingly attractive waitresses, almost 6 foot 7 inches tall on their high heels shoes. Although being more of a hedonist, he would have become gluttonous, what was a mortal sin, but I’ve never been hiding his numerous flaws. For the sake of sheer fun, he used to deliberately stare at Prince (who warned the owners that nobody must not take a look in his direction, a command strictly respected by all of the club’s personnel), having provoked the great musician to leave the club before long. He was astounded, in a pleasant, hence a perverse sense, by real size of Kim Kardashian’s backside, whose vast dimensions, not even on photos glorifying her butt, could have been guessed. Quiet, modest and kind Justin Timberlake was the most likeable character.

But, let’s go back to April of 2009. On the last evening before #Mac’s departure, an unusual couple had fun at the concert of Dave Matthews Band at the Madison Square Garden. That night they parted their ways like two teenagers, not as one of the most powerful women in the world and controversial lawyer, who was interested to the inaccessible international, let us not say interplanetary, secret and mysterious organization.

– What is the meaning of your name Milan? – a woman asked.

– At the root of a word is “kind, loving”.

Nomen est omen. You really are a loving man.

– I would like you to be my guest in Belgrade.

– Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

– Why’s that?

– The two of The Zeros mustn’t be together at the same continent.

– That’s not clear to me, either.

– We would have been in jeopardy. All The Zeros could have taken such a risk of being in the very same place only if the Secret would have been revealed, because afterwards all of them would have disappeared and dispersed all over the Universe, where the danger didn’t exist anymore.

– In that case, when I took you with myself to dance and have fun in the Serbian pubs, we’ll send the European Zero on a trip to America.

A woman delivered a sort of a bit sad smile.

– Every time I forget to ask: Where did you get an English accent?

– I am English. Another rule is that one single Zero mustn’t hail from the continent he’s assumed to manage, so that he could break the ties with his family and best friends. Otherwise, The Blue Zero is Egyptian. All The Zeros always move towards the West, just like a civilization.

– I could be accused of being racist or sexist, but I’ve always been for who knows what reason, especially aroused by dark-skinned English women.


Of course, @BiancaMistake didn’t went anywhere.

Having come back to Belgrade, #Mac had a bit more of a time to waste. Except for pubs, the best places to waste his time were Facebook and Twitter. Over there he primarily noticed that, in her later comments relating to her own status wherein she said that she was about to move to New York, #Bianca started to mock herself by stating: ”Oh yeah, I’m just the one for that”, or simply speaking: “stay there, where you are, ’cause you don’t even deserve to be in that place, let alone some more prominent.”

But one thing surprised him in a very unpleasant way, that the beauty let her to excessive boozing. She had a profile abounding with photos of her night-outs, where her friends used to tag her, with her eyes looking at nowhere, mascara a bit poured, while her eyebrows resembling to tiny rats. With regard to that, she even noticed by herself and stated: ”I can’t realize how do I look like, until I see my photos. Why doesn’t anyone tell me to pull out my eyebrows?”

She wasn’t particulary engaged in any working, and therefore she was complaining being without money. In some pictorial, skinny and with white, flaxy dress on, she was resembling a character from the famous horror movie Leptirica.

Luckily, Belgrade Fashion Week was pretty soon, so she had to get back into good shape.

For that occasion, #Mac was preparing a surprise for her.

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